Saturday, November 18, 2006

Chanticleer Mojo

Once upon a time, this humble little site dabbled in the arts known as mojo. As it's one loyal reader (Hi Joanna!) noticed, it took a bit of a layoff. Why? None of your business, you aren't my mom!

But every now and then a cry comes out for mojo. OK, twice. You may not remember the fighting Chanticleers of CCU, but they haven't forgotten their mojo. And with a Division 1-AA tournament bid on the line, and the hated rivals from Charleston Southern coming to their home football turf, the call has once again gone out for mojo's help.

Their opponents are the Charleston Southern University Buccaneers, a school arriving with powerful pirate mojo of there own. Pirates are cut throat, bloodthirsty, ruthless criminals, who's chief hobbies include murder, rape, stealing, treasure burying, stabbing, rape (they like it enough to mention it twice), and general mayhem. No pirate is one you want to mess with.

What? Seriously? CSU is a Baptist school? No no no, this will not do at all. This changes everything. Pirates take what they want, not ask politely and send a thank you note when they are done. While they may appreciate the concept of holding someone underwater until they come around to your way of thinking, any self-respecting pirate would want nothing to do with any nimby-pimby Baptist school.

As Mojo Ambassador to CCU Alex can attest, a pirate's number one goal is to be plundering booty, but just under that at a close second is having a good time. Which is why everyone at CCU needs a little Captain in them.

CSU can hope for all the pirate mojo in the world, but pirates know better. Two cutlasses on a logo may look nice and all, but any good pirate is a mercenary, and is going to go where the action is. And the action is most certainly to be found at Coastal Carolina. Pirate mojo was CSU's last great hope, and it has abandoned them, for the spirit of Captain Morgan needs to be in a place where the action just doesn't stop. After all, neither does he, it doesn't matter if he needs a break for some needed food.

Or even if it is starting to get a little creepy.

Pirates don't quit, and neither does CCU. Look a little closer on that shoulder. That's not a parrot, its a damn Chanticleer.


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