Tuesday, July 18, 2006

*MOJO* - BOS vs KC - Revolutionaries Day 2

Around 1159, Policraticus was written and published by John of Salisbury. One of the most influential books, not to mention the best-selling book of the Twelfth Century (take that Harry Potter), Policraticus was one of the first to put forth that if a monarch becomes a tyrant, it is justifiable to end his rule by murdering him. "As the image of the deity, the prince is to be loved, venerated, and respected; the tyrant, as the image of depravity, is for the most part even to be killed." Thus, tyrannicide was "honourable" when tyrants "could not be otherwise restrained."

What can the Red Sox learn from Policraticus? That knocking off Royals is perfectly OK.


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