Sunday, July 09, 2006

*MOJO* - BOS @ CWS - Lawmen Day 4

When fighting on the side of the law, there is no more important tool than information. The more you know about your adversary, the better equiped you are to defeat them. No one knew that better than J Edgar Hoover.

If anyone understands the benifits of having a file on everyone you may face, it is today's starter Curt Schilling. There are few players in the game who work as tirelessly at game preperation as Schilling and his batterymate Jason Varitek, and just like Hoover's FBI, it is as if they have a dossier on every player in MLB.

Someone is watching the White Sox, and it is the agents and scouts for the Boston Red Sox. There is no where for them to hide, and soon, the 7 All-Stars from Chicago will be taking the flight to Pittsburgh owners of a fresh sweep at the hands of the left out Curt Schilling.


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