Thursday, May 04, 2006

*MOJO* - BOS vs TOR - Ninjas Day 1

Darkness falls on Fenway Park. A fog drifts in from the harbor. Josh Towers is walking from the visitor's locker room to the field to prepare for his start. He sees a shadow flicker past in his peripheral vision. He whirls around to see the intruder, but sees nothing but empty hallway. By the time he realizes he's made a mistake, he is all ready dead.

Ninja mojo arrives with a puff of smoke to strike when the Blue Jays least expect it. The Red Sox may feel compelled to go easy on Josh Towers, who's given up more runs than he has pitched innings (10.45 ERA), but ninjas show no mercy.

Let's see the ninja's killer instinct return the Red Sox to their winning ways.


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