Monday, May 29, 2006

*MOJO* - BOS @ TOR - Reality TV Day 5

The Red Sox travel north of the f@$#ing border to take on Roy Halladay and the motherf@$#ing Blue Jays. Halladay has regained his Cy Young form of late, while Clement has been looking like a &@$% of @*$%&#@. For those who are ready to write this game off, Ozzy has a few choice words for you.

Listen you farghfin mumblejobs! There is no glargpvn rustifp way that the bostargble red [incoherent] and he'll hit it so f@*$(% far that when it lands it far- [incoherent] with banana sauce! Sharon!

... thanks Ozzy.

[ed note: this would have been for Day 4, but it takes a little while for Ozzy to get anywhere these days]


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