Wednesday, May 10, 2006

*MOJO* - BOS @ NYY - Ninjas Day 6

With the rain still coming down, the Red Sox look to make it six wins in a row, and three straight for the season over New York. The Red Sox have taken well to the lessons learned from the ninja, and today they will need the help of another ninja disciple to find victory yet again. For today, the Red Sox must ask themselves: WWBD? What Would Batman Do?

Well, he'd probably crash through a warehouse skylight and browbeat some lowlife thugs. That seems to be Batman's solution to just about everything. So it will be up to Curt Schilling to have his splitter crashing through the strike zone, and for David Ortiz and the offense to slug the ball in to the upper decks. Batman is a legend, but without his ninja training he's just another rich guy with a lot of expensive toys.

The Yankees are a good team, but it will take more than pinstripes to go head to head with Ninja Batman Baseball.


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