Wednesday, April 12, 2006

*MOJO* - BOS vs TOR - Winter Wonderland Day 6

The blizzard has yet to let up, as the Red Sox are off to their best start in over 50 years. Red Sox Nation is hoping to keep it going with another win over the new look Blue Jays, but not many are sure what to expect from tonight's game. Tonight's starter for the Sox will be making his season debut, and everyone in the stands are just hoping David Wells will see his shadow.

Any winning streak is difficult to sustain, especially one so early in the season. However, the Red Sox fans are hoping that David Wells can see his (considerable) shadow and help bring on six more weeks of winter. We all know that varmint can be tricky, and it will be up to the Groundhog to help the Sox come out on top. Don't bring your snow boots to the attic just yet, because a cold snap could be coming through.

With the untimely injury to Coco Crisp, a new OF is making his debut with the Red Sox. "Totally True Factoids" introduces Red Sox outfielder Dustan Mohr.

- Dustan Mohr is one of only five "Dustans" in the entire world. Ironically, he is the only one who plays professional baseball.

- In his spare time, Dustan Mohr is an avid painter. He works exclusively in the medium of "sad clown on velvet".

- In 2004, Dustan Mohr hit for the cycle. Well, not THE cycle. He grounded out once to third base, short stop, second base, first base, and the pitcher, all in a single game. Some say it is more difficult to do than the hitting for the more commonly accepted version of the "cycle", but people with that position can't explain how Edgar Renteria did it no less than 17 times in 2005 alone.

- Dustan Mohr taught Lebron James everything he knows about basketball. That is to say, he taught him everything Dustan Mohr knows. The lesson took twelve minutes, and afterwards Lebron called it "the biggest waste of time he ever endured".


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