Thursday, April 13, 2006

*MOJO* - BOS vs TOR - Classic Arcade Games Day 1

After last night's assault, it is clear that the new look Toronto offense is capable of some fireworks. They managed to drop some absolute bombs on Boston pitching last night, and it will be difficult for the staff to keep them in check today. It will be up to tonight's starter Matt Clement to exhibit the command it will take to sit down their dangerous hitters. But not just any command, he'll need some missile command.

Just like the fantastic old school arcade game, Clement has some explosive stuff, he just needs to exhibit the pinpoint control to hit his spots. In the game, if you are just off with your aim, you'll miss your target and soon you'll be getting bombed. Same goes for Clement tonight, it will take some sharp pitching to keep the Blue Jays in check.

And if that alone isn't enough, I'll provide a little extra boost to mojo: I get to attend tonight's game thanks to the incomparable Empyreal. I'll be looking forward to heckling Blue Jays third base coach Brian Butterfield.

Returning from suspension today, and latest feature in "Totally True Factoids" is one of the newer faces on the Red Sox roster, Julian Tavarez.

- Tavarez is one of the few pitchers in baseball to be credited with the creation of a new pitch: the crazyball.

- If one were to make a plaster mold of Julian Tavarez's face, and then turn it on it's side, it would provide an exact topographical relief of Mt. Hood.

- Tavarez once bit his tongue so hard, it killed the taste buds on the tip. He is now incapable of tasting sweet things. Suggesting that this lack of "sweetness" contributes to his "sour" attitude would be childish, and insensitive.

- Julian Tavarez is a rare two sport athlete. He was also on the 1997 World Champion US National Champion Cheerleading Squad.


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