Thursday, April 20, 2006

*MOJO* - BOS vs TB - Hair Bands Day 5

When Tim Wakefield takes the mound, it is a completely different type of appearence from most starting pitchers. While power pitchers like Curt Schilling and Josh Beckett dazzle with the explosive fastballs, Wakefield puts on a different type of show. One of fluttering pitches that you see quickly and then they disappear. Pitches that dance and entertain on their way to the plate. Tim Wakefield is his own one-man pitching magic show.

And every magic show needs it's theme music.

Let the Swede Rock permeate the air as the Red Sox look to make it 5 straight with a sweep of Tampa Bay at Fenway Park today. And remember, Wakefield's knuckler seemingly disappearing on its way to the plate is no trick.


special thanks to Empyreal for hosting the greatest synth rock known to man


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