Sunday, April 16, 2006

*MOJO* - BOS vs SEA - Hair Bands Day 2

Happy Patriots Day

err... I mean

The final game of the 4 game set with Seattle is coming up, with our old left hander being replaced in the rotation by the new left hander: Lenny Dinardo. On a day recognized by Massachusetts as a holiday (no matter what the rest of the country says), The Red Sox look to make it two in a row in the annual early morning game set to begin with the Boston Marathon.

With the thousands of marathon runners making their way past the park today, the Red Sox can find inspiration from Bon Jovi, after all, there first big hit was "Runaway", and the first big hit is exactly what Manny Ramirez is still looking for.

As long as Manny doesn't try on any purple leather pants. Of course, Lenny Dinardo just might be able to pull that off.

Fire up your Casio keyboards, because the dulcet tones of New Jersey's second finest (can't disrespect the Boss) are prepared to help propel the Sox to another win.


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