Friday, April 14, 2006

*MOJO* - BOS vs SEA - Baseball Equipment Day 1

Being blessed with amazing skills isn't always enough. Every player in the league gets help from some outside sources. No, not BALCO. We're talking about the little things like pine tar, glove oil and eye black. Because sometimes, you just can't hit unless you have personalized wristbands.

The Red Sox are looking to snap a two game losing streak, a pair of games marred by inconsistent (read: bad) performances by their starting pitching. Sometimes, you need to take a step off the back of the mound, catch your breath, and toss this a couple of times.

Dry those hands, take the pressure off, then step back on the mound and bear down on the hitters. That will be Curt Schilling's job tonight as the Sox square off against the Seattle Mariners.

As the season continues, the effort to meet and greet all the new members of the Boston Red Sox. Today's feature on "Totally True Factoids" isn't completely new to Boston, but is a newcomer this year: Rudy Seanez.

- The film "Rudy" starring Sean Astin is based on Rudy Seanez's life. Some minor details were changed: the real Seanez wasn't carried off the field by Notre Dame's football team, and in fact did not play football, and did not attend Notre Dame. He is also considerable larger than "five foot nothin', a hundred and nothin'". He is close friends with Charles S. Dutton, however.

- Rudy Seanez keeps in shape in the offseason by participating in the UBFC: the Ultimate Bear Fighting Championship. His record is 14-8-2.

- Rudy Seanez and Johnny Pesky are the only two people currently sitting on the Red Sox bench who have voted for Dwight Eisenhower.

- Rudy Seanez is the acting president of the Bullpen Cart Preservation Committee. The BCPC is working toward the return of the bullpen cart to major league parks. The committee was formed in 2000 by former Red Sox reliever Rich Garces.


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