Saturday, April 08, 2006

*MOJO* - BOS @ BAL - Winter Wonderland Day 3

I hope you made an emergency trip to Stop and Shop for 10 gallons of bottled water and a 50 pound bag of dog food, because at this rate, it looks like we may get snowed in. So huddle up, because things may get colder yet, for Alaskan native Curt Schilling is taking to the mound today.

Thing are different in Alaska. The wind blows fiercer, people drive sleds instead of cars, the houses are built from ice instead of brick, and the weatherman delivers his report in degrees Kelvin. With Schilling excited to take the mound for his second start, we look at the unique Alaskan pets always excited to see their owners return. For no Alaskan home is complete, without their very own polar bear.

Polar bears are the lovable, burly inhabitants of the north, whose adorable antics allow everyone to overlook the occasional mauling. They are only found in the arctic north, but due to some weird rules on eligibility were available for the Dominican teams roster in the World Baseball Classic, so we all know they would get along great with Manny, Papi and Wily Mo. And it is this little reminder of home which will let Curt power the Red Sox over the Orioles in game 2 of the series. After all, who else would he rather win one for than his childhood pet bear, "Lou Bearhig".

Let's see the Sox freeze out the O's for another win.

With all the new faces on the roster this season, mojo has been helping you get to know the new guys with "Totally True Factoids", today featuring the new starting shortstop, Alex Gonzalez.

- Alex Gonzalez is known for his defensive prowess, however he has yet to win a Gold Glove award. To protest his lack of recognition, his manager in Florida had him wear a new glove cast in 24K gold for an April game the following season. Seventeen unearned runs and one very tired arm later and the protest was scrapped.

- Disney approached Alex Gonzalez to base a movie on the story of his life. Gonzalez was tremendously excited, and brought his entire extended family and friends to an opening screening. Everyone left confused when no one could figure out if Alex was the cowboy, the spaceman, or the talking Mr. Potato Head.

- Alex Gonzalez does not cast a shadow.

- Alex Gonzalez has an incredibly refined sense of smell. He can tell from where the wheat that made a loaf of bread came from, merely by smelling it. He has yet to find a practical application of this skill.

special thanks to empyreal and her love of polar bears


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