Monday, March 27, 2006

Everybody's Laughing

It's been an abnormally good Monday and I figure I'll see if I can spread the good cheer with things that are keeping me enthused about life, chief among them: the new gum commercial "starring" Hailey Duff.

The commercial spot features Hailey with her sister Hillary (Hillary is the girl on the left, Hailey is the unpopular horse on the right.) The gum commercial in question is for the new Ice Breakers gum that comes in cubes. So it is Hailey Duff promoting treats that are basically cubes of sugar, and the catch phrase of the ad is "Woah, Nelly!". They might as well have fed her a carrot at the end of the spot. Remember to keep your palm flat with your fingers back so Hailey doesn't accidentally bite your fingers off.

As if Hailey Duff stamping out math equations for my own amusement wasn't enough, I got one of life's small pleasures today: something in the mail. Even better, it was something both unexpected and wanted (unlike jury duty, like my brother got for the US District Court): my old job sent me a mysterious check for $200. I haven't worked there in 6 months, and I didn't have paid sick days or vacation time, so that couldn't be it either. The only possible answer is that they simply felt they had short changed me $200. I'm going to cash this check before they change their mind.

And if free money weren't enough to brighten someone's day: baseball season is less than a week away. An offseason kept busy with MLB 06: The Show and fantasy baseball drafting will finally give way to honest to goodness games. I enjoyed the WBC (go Republica Dominica!), but nothing beats seeing the Red Sox take the field. And speaking of fantasy baseball, I all ready have 3 teams ready to roll, with one more draft and one auction league slated for the end of the week, for 5 teams in total. This was after I said I was going to cut back from 4 last season.

What can I say, I'm weak, and I just can't say no to anything that looks like a fun baseball league. It certainly doesn't help that drafting may be my favorite part of the season (second only to "stomping down chumps who oppose me").

Posting will pick up again once Mojo season resumes. Until then, you are stuck with my unpredictable bouts of literacy.