Tuesday, October 04, 2005

**MOJO** - Impending Doom ALDS Game 1

With the Sox taking the Wild Card and making the postseason for the third straight year (the first time the Red Sox have ever done that), there is a lot of extra unused negativity lying around. And of course, waste not want not. Time to put all that negativity to use and turn it to where it should be: the hearts of the Red Sox' opponent.

With a nod to the successful Comeuppance Mojo, we look to the sweet anticipation of just desserts. It was last season that Red Sox Nation got to enjoy what the fruits of victory tasted like. Now with that taste, we can again look to taste it again. Meanwhile, our first round opponent has been without it for even longer than Red Sox Nation had, and as such we leave the negativity for our friends and the South Side of Chicago, and instead turn the doom and gloom to our favor.

For the all important first game of the series, we turn to the patron saint of doom, and to a little help from the Fantastic Four Mojo which locked up the Wild Card. Dictator of Latveria, Victor von Doom.

Dr. Doom may be a villain, but he possesses many qualities that will help the Red Sox take the early lead in the ALDS. He is brilliant, patient, and most of all, powerful.

His genius level intellect is for Terry Francona in the dugout, to make the smartest moves to give his team a chance to win. Also for Varitek and Clement to call the best game. The White Sox hitters can be dangerous, and Clement will need to be on his game for this one. However, with the right game plan, Clement can (and will) make the pitches needed to come out victorious.

Patience is for our hitters. All great evil geniuses will sit and wait for their plot to unfurl, waiting until the time is right to strike. The Red Sox will need to do the same against old nemesis Jose Contreras, someone who they have done well historically against, but who has been pitching very well lately. With most of the team all ready with a sampling of at bats against him, it will be important for them to exercise smart pitch selection.

And as for power, well that goes without saying.


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