Saturday, October 01, 2005

**MOJO** - Fantastic Four Day 3

The Red Sox keep rolling, and so does the mojo from the world's first super team: the Fantastic Four. Today, it is the leader of the group as well as the team's namesake: Mr. Fantastic.

Blessed with the super stretching ability, Reed Richards is capable of extending his body to incredible lengths, excellent mojo for today's game versus the Yankees. Think a ball is going to reach the gap? Nope, looks like Johnny's arm is just long enough to extend and get it, just as Graffanino's body will find a way to lay out and stretch to make the distance. Think our guys are going to get thrown out at any bases? Not when we can stretch our hands around any would be taggers. Let's not forget about errant knuckleballs, ones that will be easily blocked by the expanding powers of Doug Mirabelli.

But it is in fact not his super powers which make Mr. Fantastic so valuable, he brings much more to the table. He is a certifiable super-genius, often willing battles with science instead of brawn.

I don't even know what that big gun does, but I know I don't want to mess with it. It is these smarts from the dugout to the pitcher's mound to the field and the basepaths that will guide the Red Sox through the game. With Randy Johnson on the mound, the Red Sox can't afford to give away outs on either side of the ball, and it will be smart baseball play that will prevent that.

Even more than his rubber-like appendages and his massive brain, it is Mr. Fantastic's leadership that makes him so important to the team. And just as the Fantastic Four would be nowhere without Reed's guidance, so too will the Red Sox falter without their own veteran leadership. It will be up to Tim Wakefield, the longest tenured Red Sox player, to set the tone. He has been coming up big all September, and this is the one we need from him the most.

It is also worth noting that Reed Richards is married to Sue Storm, the Invisible Woman. And if you think that mentioning that is just a flimsy excuse to post another picture of Jessica Alba in her Fantastic Four costume, well... you'd be absolutely right.


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