Thursday, September 15, 2005

**MOJO** - Sauce Day 2

With rain rolling in, we call on some defiant mojo to keep the showers away. We're throwing a barbecue!

And what BBQ would be complete with a large helping of BBQ Sauce? Barbecue sauce goes great with just about everything coming off the grill. It's great on chicken, it's great on burgers , it's a must have. Perhaps best of all, is when it is coating a nice rack of ribs.

So say "nerts" to rain and lets have the Red Sox come out slugging against Joe Blanton and the A's. Curt Schilling will be making his first start since taking his trip in the Wayback Machine, and he gets a little something extra since we want his start to be freakin' sweet.

Let's not have any rain ruin our delicious cook out. Dig in folks, the food is straight from the grill. Oh, and you might need this:


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