Sunday, September 25, 2005

**MOJO** - Perseverance Day 3

Perseverance is not about strength. It is not about speed. It is not a question of ability. It is a question of will. The will to win can overcome some of the greatest of odds. Sometimes, the will to win is taking extra time in the batting cage, or doing extra fielding drills. Sometimes it is putting on your pink sweat suit and running to the Statue of Liberty.

If there is a living (pixelated) embodiment of Perseverance, it is Little Mac of the classic NES game Punch Out. A guy so weak it takes dozens of blows to knock down an opponent while being felled by far fewer. A guy so short he literally has to leap to connect with his opponents head. None of this matters to him, for even someone of such small stature, with a maximum amount of effort, can take down even the largest of opponents.

So adopt the scrappy, never say die spirit of Little Mac, and don't let up until John Maine and the Orioles look like Glass Joe, he of the 1-99 record.

Don't stop punching until the division and the belt are yours.


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