Saturday, September 24, 2005

**MOJO** - Perseverance Day 2

As the fight through the home stretch continues, Perseverance mojo is there to remind you to keep fighting on. Some like to say that fans do not have any influence over the players' performance. And while that may be a convenient thing for the individual fan who likes feely gloomy, it is not entirely true. While a single fan may not, the fan base as a whole most certainly does. The Boston Red Sox do not live inside a bubble, and they do hear the voices of Red Sox Nation. You might not be able to help Schilling regain his command or Millar go the opposite way, but that does not mean that contributing as part of a supporting fan base does not help in is own meaningful way. When sports writers talk of a player "moving to a playoff atmosphere" and "having a homefield advantage", they are talking about you.

This is not to say that the Red Sox are absolved from criticism. Sometimes there is the need for tough love (and sometimes, dare I say, an intervention), but that is part of being a support. Giving direction when direction is needed. With all of this in mind, we turn to today's mojo: the Iditarod.

This grueling 1200 mile sled dog race is the longest of its kind. The winner usually finishes over 9 days after he started, and many don't even finish at all. With 27 checkpoints along the way, the Iditarod is a great test of not only athletic ability (of the driver and of the dogs), but also of mental will.

The Red Sox still have a 9 day trek of their own they must complete. And just as the dogs pulling the sled need a driver to steer them, so must Red Sox Nation urge on the team to succeed as well.

So, to all those taking the field as well as the many more watching along: mush! We're almost done, keep sprinting until you've won. And if someone looks like they are starting to give, don't feel the need to spare the whip.


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