Thursday, September 01, 2005

**MOJO** - Jungle Day 5

Jungle mojo lumbers forward with the Devil Ray's mortal enemy: the hippopotamus

If the Red Sox want to complete the sweep against Tampa Bay, they would be wise to learn from the hippopotomus's greatest strengths.

1) Territorial aggression

Hippos are known as some of the most territorial animals in the wild. There have been numerous accounts of hippos viciously attacking those it feels are trespassing on its claimed home. Basically, the hippo lives in an Under Armour commercial 24/7. The Red Sox too must "protect this house" and make sure the Devil Rays leave without getting to enjoy having a win.

2) Surprising Agility

Despite their bulk, hippos are actually very quick animals. While their size and strength are certainly assets, it is their speed that makes them so dangerous. And it is when that speed is unexpected that makes it all the more deadly. Some on the Sox have all ready learned this lesson, but it bears repeating: hustling is what makes plays happen. Just ask Doug "Rocket Shoes" Mirabelli.

3) Hunger

Hippos are known for their massive bulk, and with that bulk comes a hunger to match. Lately, the Sox have been scoring runs by the bucketful, and this is a trend we certainly want to see continue. Play hungry and gorge yourself on runs, consider the plate your buffet table, and today everybody gets David Wells sized plates.

And I know what you are thinking: big ugly hippos can't possibly be cute! You want to know something though, you'd be wrong. Baby hippos are cute, just like Kevin Youkilis!


Anonymous LooiesWindup said...

So where's the Youks pix?

11:49 AM, September 01, 2005  

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