Friday, September 30, 2005

**MOJO** - Fantastic Four Day 2

As we enter the last weekend of the season, the Sox sit one game back in the division. The previous 159 games have come down to the following: two to tie, three to win. To start the series off right, we continue with what brought us the walk off win yesterday: the first super team ever assembled, the Fantastic Four.

Today, it is the Invisible Woman who will guide us to another victory.

Geeks and nerds everywhere have reached a consensus that were the Four ever to battle each other, it would be Sue Storm that would come out on top. Don't forget that she not only can turn invisible herself, but also project invisible force fields as she chooses, a power with limitless possibilities. Those that underestimate the Invisible Woman are usually on the wrong end of a beating.

Invisible mojo is for helping many aspects of the game. For our base runners, so the fielders may forget about them and they can advance with impunity. For David Wells, to make his delivery harder to read, and for his curve and breaking pitches are impossible to pick up. For our batted balls, to slip through holes in the infield and find gaps in the outfield. These are the things that will bring the Red Sox to victory. And if that doesn't work, David Ortiz can always jack a few more over the wall. If he doesn't get the MVP, they might as well award it to Ray, the Tampa Bay mascot, because it doesn't matter who it goes to it would still be a travesty.

And for a little extra luck, I feel it is my duty to remind you that the Invisible Woman was played by none other than a woman whose hotness is only rivaled by the surface of the sun: Jessica Alba.

And with the team needing to get hot and stay hot, a little Jessica Alba mojo never hurt anybody... except Wang of course.


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