Thursday, September 29, 2005

**MOJO** - Fantastic Four Day 1

With the Red Sox one game back and four to play, it will take the mojo of the world's greatest family to guide them through. No, not the Osmonds. The Fantastic Four.

With the Sox dropping two straight in this most crucial of stretch of games, it is imperative that they remain strong. The temptation to give in may be strong, but they must not yield. They must stand resolute, like a rock. And so mojo turns to the living embodiment of that sentiment, Ben Grimm: The Thing.

Possessing superhuman strength and a gruff exterior with a hide to match, the Thing is just the type of hero the Red Sox need. The strength to power the ball off the bat, and the durability to withstand the Blue Jays attack. In a must win game, it will take all the Red Sox can muster of both to come out with a victory. The Blue Jays can be tough, but the Red Sox will be ready for them.

The Red Sox face off against Scott Downs. He too has a superpower, and even on alter-ego. By day, he may be mild mannered Scott Downs, but by night he is the "Slump Buster". Lets see the Red Sox get some early runs off the Blue Jays starter and get up early. With a little luck, the Red Sox can enter the series to decide the season tomorrow with a share of the AL East lead.

But until then: It's Clobberin' Time!

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