Sunday, September 04, 2005

**MOJO** - Breakfast Cereals Day 2

The responsible baseball fan in me wants to see fundamental plays in the field, well executed at bats where the batter exhibits patience and good pitch selection, and a pitcher on the mound who shows poise in handling batters safely.

But the kid in me wants to see diving catches, home runs jacked a mile high, and pitchers pumping their fists in the air after getting a strikeout!

I guess it's just too bad that there isn't a breakfast cereal which appeals to both sides of my personality... or is there!

The best things come with a blend of the responsible and the fun, just as Frosted Mini Wheats have the healthy wheat covered in frosting that the kid in you will love! If the Sox wish to continue their win streak, they will need to rely on both facets of today's mojo. Healthy wheat for the adult in you that needs to see a well played and managed ball game, and sweet frosting for the kid that wants to see plays for the highlight reel.

Of course, for some people the bite sized mini wheat just isn't enough to cut it. But fear not, there is a little bonus mojo for the heartier of players who need that little bit extra:

Frosted mini wheats: part of this balanced mojo breakfast!


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