Friday, August 05, 2005

**MOJO** Sandwich Day 9

Piney here, substituting for NU. I believe that LooiesWindup and I are now responsible for continuing the sandwich mojo. Today, I'll take the helm and supply with your mojo today, which is yet again, sandwich mojo.

Today's sandwich is an odd combination when thought about at first. 'Why put three toppings onto one sandwich, and only those three toppings?' one would wonder. Well, it may seem a little weird, but when you bite into one, you can't help but enjoy it as immensely. It's the MacGuyver of sandwiches, when you don't have teh big meats to help you along with your sandwich making, just make due with what you got. I'm talking about the BLT!

The BLT always satisfies the stomach when needed the most. Just like tonight's pitcher Bronson Arroyo. He's a little weird, and not exactly the most fear inducing player out there, and upon first glance it's all like "Bitch please, we'll shell his ass" but yet, in most cases, he doesn't get shelled and just keeps coming back and throwing the pitches needed to execute. He makes due with what he's got. And well, that's all you ask.

To partake in today's mojo, well it'll be very easy to get you guys to partake in today's mojo. As I recall from my early days on RR, we have quite the amount of bacon worshippers here. Well except for Anna Benson's Sugar Daddy, whose a sausage man. You guys know what to do. Go into your fridges, get some bacon, lettuce, and tomatos out, and make some BLTs. Take a bite after every Bronson K or after every Red Sox run scored. As for myself, I'm gonna go and do what I do before during every Bronson start....well unless if he sucks. Stare gapingly at the shirtless picture. (WARNING: FOLLOWING PICTURE MAY MAKE MEN 20% MORE GAY)

Well that's my debut.....


Anonymous Empyreal said...

Distaff mojo a-gogo! Nice job on your debut.

Is Carlos Beltran better than bacon?

6:46 PM, August 05, 2005  

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