Tuesday, August 16, 2005

**MOJO**- Memorable SNL Sketch Day 1

Piney's here against substituting for the absent NU yet again. He's off on some weird ass midweek sabbatical and it looks like I gotta take over for mojo for today. Today's mojo is a mojo that is always worth a laugh or two and when it's at it's best it never gets old. I'm talking about SNL mojo you know. Memorable sketches left and right....today's sketch is a favorite of people everywhere and has spawned some of the greatest catchphrases out there. Yep...you know what I mean.


The Immortal Cowbell Sketch aired on April 8, 2000 with the host being Christopher Walken. It was a send up of the infamous Behind the Music series on VH1, which focused on the Blue Oyster Cult, and the like. The two most important players in the sketch were Christopher Walken and of course, Will Ferrell.

The Red Sox, just like the song "Don't Fear the Reaper" needs more cowbell. What is exactly cowbell for them? Well it depends on teh day. Today for example...they need more hitting and more effective innings out of their bullpen. Papelbon pitches today and hopefully the Red Sox can add some more cowbell and give the kid his first Major League victory.

So how about he hit it up with some more cowbell? Because that'd be fantastic! To participate in this mojo, just yell out during appropriate moments "WE NEED MORE COWBELL!!" Or even if you have a cowbell, bang on it when something good happens.


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