Saturday, August 06, 2005

**MOJO** Manny Being Manny Day 1

Well, so much for my solo mojo debut. I looked more like Bobby Sprowl out there than Billy Rohr. Or, for more recent comparisons, more like Cla Meredith than Jon Paplebon. But I must go back out there and try again. Because honestly, that's what you gotta do in times like these, right?

Today's mojo is a simple one, for a big game ahead. As we know there's several interesting characters on the Boston Red Sox. You got Millar whose the quintessential blabbermouth, Big Papi one of the friendliest and affectionate dudes out there, the guitar playing curveball throwing Bronson Arroyo, but none compare with the ultimate character. To describe this one man, is to try to give a reason for why the stars shine at night. There's nobody out there like him, and for that I am's mojo is

"Manny Being Manny" Mojo! Each day, hopefully for as long as humanly possible, we focus one one amusing Manny story after another. We give our love to the man whose mind isn't always there, but his bat will always be swinging for the home team. Well, hopefully. Sometimes, all you can do is just say "Well, that's just Manny Being Manny"

Today's moment comes from 2004 in probably what was his best defensive play ever. It was a chilly September evening against the New York Yankees. Bronson Arroyo was pitching very decently and didn't have much run support. With the scored tied at 1-1, Bronson Arroyo served up what seemed to be a tailor made HR ball to Miguel Cairo. It went sailing towards left field. However, Manny had other plans.

He had reported in the papers after the game that he had "thought about robbing a HR" thinking it'd be cool, and well wouldn't you know? He did it

Now the best part is yet to come....Miguel Cairo thinks he has a HR and circles the bases all in celebratory mode. Suddenly, he gets word as he gets to the dugout that he is out. The reaction that took place there was priceless and I greatly regret not having a picture to accompany it.

Now you may be asking "How the hell do I celebrate Manny being Manny mojo" Well that's quite simple. Just cheer on the team, hoping they'd be like Manny. Minus the unforgiveable brain farts. Oh and to celebrate, hope for the Miguel Cairo Face to appear on the faces of all the Twinkies as our outfields rob them of HRs and base hits. Because, well, the Miguel Cairo Face is priceless.

Let Manny be Manny and may this team win!


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