Wednesday, August 31, 2005

**MOJO** - Jungle Day 4

Jungle mojo clamps its jaws into another game with the natural enemy to the Devil Ray: the crocodile.

Crikey! If the Red Sox wish to make it 4 and a row, they'll need to draw upon the three great strengths of the crocodile.

1) Patience

Boy, that sure is a quiet log floating there and.. OH LORDY! The crocodile is able to spend great amounts of time luring in prey before striking, waiting for the perfect time to strike. With Casey Fossum on the mound, the Red Sox hitters will need to work the count and wait for the right pitch to drive. For when the crocodile does strike, it will relentlessly attack. Just like the crocodile, the Red Sox will need to chase Casey Fossum right out of the game... maybe even all the way home.

2) Bite Strength

The crocodile has a tremendous bite force, and when it has its jaws on something it doesn't want to give up, chances are you won't be seeing it again. The Red Sox will want to snap on this game early, getting the quick lead and then locking it up (you lock it up). It will then be up to the bullpen to clamp down and secure the win.

3) Cold Blooded

Crocodiles are "cold-blooded". To get warm they lie in the sun. To cool down, they lie in the shade with their mouths wide open or laze in the water. To control their body temperature, crocodiles control the blood flow inside their bodies. They can 'shut down' blood flow or speed it up. It will be up to the Red Sox to control their own blood flow, to calm a beating heart when hearing the Fenway Faithful cheer them on, and to let the ice flow throw their veins when it gets late in the game.

And once again, a picture of a baby. After all, despite their scaly skin and fierce sharp teeth, baby crocs can still be very cute. Just like Kevin Millar!

Thanks for being a good sport Kevin.


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