Monday, August 29, 2005

**MOJO** - Jungle Day 2

Jungle mojo roars on with the natural enemy of the Devil Ray and King of the Jungle: the stately Lion.

The Red Sox will need to draw upon the Lion's strengths:

1) Ferocious Appetite

Lions are hungry, and so too must be the Red Sox. There will be plenty of time to sun yourself on the veldt after the game is over, but until then the hunt is on, and Seth McClung is the prey. Just think of him as a tasty zebra.

2) Cowardice

Wait... that's not right.....

2) Fiery Youth

Yes, they are cuddly and adorable, but even a young lion cub is nothing to be trifled with. Much like Jason Varitek! The lesson here: attack early, and put the game away before Tampa Bay even knows what happened.

3) Musical Ability

OK, it sounds silly, but this may be the most important of the three. Music is for our pitchers today. Musical ability is timing, tempo, rhythm and key. So pick the right pitches, establish your own rhythm and dictate the tempo of the game yourself, don't let the hitters ever find their timing. Conduct your game well, and this game can be a symphony.


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