Friday, August 19, 2005

**MOJO** - Gambling Day 1

Many thanks to Piney for filling in as I took my "sabbatical" to that jewel of the east coast: Atlantic City. And if you thought I was merely kicking back and relaxing away from the trials and tribulations of mojo, think again. Despite having no internet connection to contribute, I was finding little ways of my own, like wearing my Fisk and Wakefield jerseys whenever in the casinos (during which I got congratulated by some random guy on the boardwalk for last October).

On my last day there I was taking one last trip through Cesar's Palace before making the long trek home, thinking about what mojo would be good upon my return. I passed a roulette table, thinking perhaps I should bet on a Sox player's number to see who might come through for me. Naturally, the wheel stopped spinning and I was looking at #34 Red. Finding mojo is often a nuanced endeavor, however this time mojo chose to be less than subtle.

Roulette mojo kicks off the theme devoted to games of chance. Because sometimes, all you need is a little luck. Of course, other times all you need is David Ortiz.


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