Saturday, August 13, 2005

**MOJO** - Cameo Day 7

This Season's All Time Top 5 Funniest Moments:

5) Tito Francona goes off on Greg Gibson's umpiring performance in the post-game conference: "He said he ejected him because he could read his lips. The *expletive* guy can't even seen the *expletive* ball in front of him that's a *expletive* answer" "I couldn't take it anymore. I got myself ejected because I couldn't watch him anymore"
4) Dan Roache makes the big time: "When is it time to go to the dentist? 2:30... get it "tooth hurty." The previous joke left Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy in stitches up in the announcers booth, nearly making them unable to finish calling the inning. And so was launched Dan Roache's successful stand up career.
2) David Ortiz gets a treat: What better food for a slugger than applesauce spoon fed to you by a teammate. It wasn't so much the eating of the sauce, as it was the gratuitous gun show that followed that made it a classic.
1) Spaz Wake!: Honestly, I love Wakefield. But the man runs like a girl.

You know what All-Time Top 5 lists mean, don't you? It's time for a little High Fidelity mojo:

Sometimes, you need someone to turn to. Someone to give you advice on what to do next. And sometimes, that man is the Boss.

The Bruce Springsteen cameo from High Fidelity is one of my favorites because it is so unexpected (after all, he just appears in Rob's bedroom) and also for the seamless way he is inserted into the narrative. Today's mojo means good things from the Sox that you may not expect: A David Ortiz triple? A triple play? Graffanino getting a Grand Slam? It could be anything! It also means that everything should blend together smoothly, from pitching to defense to driving in runs.

There is one thing we do know for sure: there is at least one player who will be a big fan of today's mojo.


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