Saturday, August 13, 2005

**MOJO** - Cameo Day 6

For today's mojo, we turn to the man who may not be able to take credit for inventing the cameo, but to whom the cameo's mainstay in popularity can be attributed: Alfred Hitchcock.

Hitchcock would often make brief appearances in his films. For example, here he is walking some dogs in "The Birds":

And here he is in a men's corset ad from "Lifeboat":

Sometimes it's so quick, you really needed to be alert to catch the fleeting glimpse of Hitchcock, like in "North by Northwest" as he is seen boarding a bus:

Hitchcock's cameos became so famous that people would be anxiously anticipating them when they went to the movies. For that reason, Hitchcock began putting his guest appearance in towards the beginning of the film, to get it out of the way so the audience could pay attention to the film itself and not worry about when Hitchcock would have his fleeting moment on screen.

And this is where Hitchcock cameo mojo gets it strength: taking care of things early. Late game rallies and tight finishes sure are exciting, but how about we think of those who all ready have high blood pressure and have the Sox take care of this one early. Let's hope Wakes' knuckleball gives the White Sox hitters Vertigo, the Sox offense Dials 'M' for "Manny", and the Red Sox can enjoy watching New York fade further away in their Rear Window.


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