Friday, August 12, 2005

**MOJO** - Cameo Day 5

From the series that kicked off Comeuppance Mojo, comes the most beardtastic cameo ever captured on celluloid. When you are in 1888 Hill Valley, who could possibly be the entertainment in the town fair other than ZZ Top?

Is it bad that I know the song they play in this scene, and am hearing it in my head as I write this? The two bearded guys and the one clean-shaven one named Mr. Beard provide a memorable spark to the western installment to the Back to the Future trilogy, and their signature guitar flip is still enjoyable despite the antiquated instruments. All though to be honest, that drummer does look a little silly with just the one snare.

Today's mojo is especially directed at David Wells, as of late it has been the offense carrying the Sox winning streak and frankly, the hitters have mojo out the yin-yang. Getting the pitching on track will make the Sox current hot streak scorch hotter than a Stage 3 red log (seriously, I really like Back to the Future).

Of course, David Wells is not exactly unfamiliar with the world of cameos.


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