Thursday, August 18, 2005

**MOJO**- Caffiene Day 1

*Piney Takes Over Again*

Geez, this is getting frustrating, kinda like having no run support and trying to get the job done. It seems I'm on the verge of losing 20 games or something. I did get that one win though. I got the stuff, I hope, but it just isn't coming for me. I'm like a tick away from figuring it out or something. Oh well, I guess those are the breaks. Maybe I can help figure something out this West Coast Trip.

Speaking of West Coast, we run into a couple late late games, which brings me to my next mojo idea. As we all know sometimes we can't make it past midnight unless if we have a little help. No, it's not like steroids. We use any form of caffiene which isn't in pill form because that's not cool. Which brings us to today's mojo: Caffiene. Because we can never use enough of a pick me up when necessary.

As for tonight's form of caffeine, I call upon my favorite of the bunch. It's my kryptonite amongst junk food drinks, something I know I shouldn't have but I can't go one day with at least a bottle of the sweet nectar that they call Coca Cola.

My love of this carbonated beverage is legendary amongst friends and family, and many of the reason on why I like it is why I also like the Red Sox. It's classic soda which relies on the same ol' formula and hardly ever tries to tweak it. It has many different evil competitors like Pepsi, RC Cola(underrated, btw), and of course the store-bought colas, but they're not the same. Like the Red Sox, they're a classic organization and while they may have the other teams around them that are rather new and stuff, nothing beats them, at least with me. Others may prefer the other. Coca Cola also has a sort of bite to it's taste that settles my stomach very well. The Red Sox have a sort of bite and flair to them that makes watching them all the better, while they may make my stomach turn, when it comes crunch time, it's always fun to watch and experience.

To partake in today's mojo, have yourself a Coca Cola whether it be in a can, a bottle, a glass, or even just straight up from the 2-liter bottle like my brother does. It's the real thing, bitches, and same with the Red Sox. They're the real thing! And of course may their play tonight be as refreshing and have as much bite as the soda does. Because that'd be awesome.


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