Sunday, July 24, 2005

**MOJO** - Trucks Day 2

Once again, it is time to flip the switch. Today, the Sox ride in to Chicago hoping to take 3 of 4 from the team with the best record in baseball. But they aren't riding in on any old sissy truck. They're loading into the biggest truck around, and they're doing it style.

That truck is 278 tons of hauling machine. It can carry another 380 tons of material in its bed. Just one of the wheels weighs 4 tons. They simply don't come any bigger than this bad boy. And if I were the White Sox, I wouldn't want to get in its way. Something bad is liable to happen.

Here's hoping that the Red Sox offense rolls over Jose Contreras with little after thought to the wake of destruction in their path. And of course, a machine of this kind of power needs regular maintenance, and thankfully the Red Sox have just the guy to do it.

If you'd like to participate from home in today's mojo, only converse in "Trucker Speak". "Breaker breaker, 1-9 we've got Smokeys up and down the big road watching the hammer lane, watch out for that bear in the air, come back." OK, I'll admit, I have no idea what I just said. For extra mojo (and if you enjoy being slapped) be like Sisqo and compliment your lady of choice, telling her that she's got "dumps like a truck, truck, truck".


Anonymous Empyreal said...

Mercy! I found this CB Slang page, and all I have to say is don't feed the bears and make sure you eyeball a wooly-wooly before you promise to go horizontal, because she might just have fox jaws.

1:42 PM, July 24, 2005  

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