Friday, July 22, 2005

**MOJO** - Tony Day 4

Wakefield gets the start tonight against Jon Garland. What Jon doesn't realize, however, is that he isn't just facing starting pitcher Tim Wakefield, he's facing award winning starting pitcher Tim Wakefield!

It's Tony Award mojo today, and Wakes (and the Red Sox) has been the recipient of several this season.
  • Best Choreography/Dance: "Scoring from First in Chicago" - Tim Wakefield.
  • Best Musical: "Knuckling up!" - produced by Tim Wakefield
  • Best Actor - Musical: Tim Wakefield - "Knuckling up!" (the part of Tim Knuckfield)
  • Regional Theater: "Our Town", Wakefield, MA
  • Best Revival - Musical: "The Closer" - produced by Curt Schilling
  • Best Revival - One Man Show: "An Evening with Older Dude" - John Olerud
  • Best Orchestration: Theo Epstein - "My Roster and Me"
  • Best Score: Manny Ramirez - "Sucks to be Joe Crede"

Prepare to see the knuckler dance it's way to another victory behind another gem thrown by Tim "Jazz Hands" Wakefield.

If you want to participate from home in today's mojo, anytime someone delivers you something, accept it weeping and go into an extended thank you speech. Whether it be an award for outstanding achievement in the field of excellence, or some copies you had an intern get for you.


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