Tuesday, July 19, 2005

**MOJO** - Tony Day 1

With the Sox new acquisition today of Tony Graffanino, it seemed fitting. And lately, it seems like the Sox could use a little extra direction. A little guidance from the Boss.

But.. Who's the Boss?

With Theo doing a little cleaning of his own, Embree on the way out, Hyzdu coming back in and who knows what else on the horizon, who better to right the ship than your favorite and mine: Tony Danza. Not limited to just the lovable housekeeper named Tony, Mr. Danza has also made famous the lovable taxi driver named Tony from "Taxi", the lovable policeman named Tony in the short lived "Hudson Street", the lovable everyday family man/sports writer named Tony in the aptly titled "The Tony Danza Show", and naturally he has moved on to have his own talk show which he hosts as a man improbably named Tony.

Here's to our new Tony having a positive impact both on the field and in the clubhouse. May Tony's everywhere rejoice in being the inspiration for new mojo.

If you would like to participate from home in today's mojo, find the nearest Tony you know, give him a firm handshake, maybe a brief manhug if appropriate, and a crisp new one dollar bill. Nothing makes a Tony smile quite like a one dollar bill, and the karma from making a Tony happy will surely trickle down to Fenway Park.


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