Friday, July 08, 2005

**MOJO** - Smurfs Day 1

Looking to gain some ground on the Orioles before the break, we turn to everyone's favorite tiny blue shirtless guys: the Smurfs.

For the first day of the smurfiest mojo in the world, we turn to the most musical of Smurfs to appeal to the performer in our own Bronson Arroyo, Harmony.

Harmony has the soul of a great musician, but not the talent. He plays in the philharmonic smurfestra. But the only sounds that come from his cornet are Kwaaak and Pweeet. Smurfs who want to nap need a stock of earplugs

We all know that our own cornrowed avenger has much more talent than the occasional "kwaak" and "pweet". After all, his new album (which drops on Tuesday!) is all ready making all the ladies swoon. Vanity would be totally jealous. But seriously, who wouldn't be?

May Bronson and Harmony lead the Red Sox to their smurfiest victory yet.


Anonymous Smurphyreal said...

Smurfiest. Mojo. Smurfer.

"How much farther?"
"Not far now", replied Papa Smurf.
"How much farther, Papa Smurf?"
"Not far now", Papa replied.
"Is it much farther now, Papa Smurf?"
"Yes it is!" yelled Papa Smurf.

6:34 PM, July 08, 2005  

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