Saturday, July 02, 2005

**MOJO** - Ice Cream Day 1

Back to basics. Every body loves ice cream, and so it's time for a little ice cream mojo. Everyone likes ice cream, except of course for weird people. And the lactose intolerant and the strict vegans, I suppose, but for them it will be "rice cream mojo". Today's flavor is my own personal favorite: Mint Chocolate Chip

Cool and refreshing with little chunks of sweet chocolaty goodness, mint chocolate chip is everything best about ice cream in one delicious scoop. Or, sometimes, in 5 delicious scoops.

Why such simple mojo? Because when the Sox lose 3 of 4, even if it is coming off a tremendous hot streak that puts them back in first, people start to get antsy. So the current mojo is just a reminder that July is here and our boys are in first place, so sit back with some ice cream and enjoy it. After all, ice cream and the Sox go hand in hand.

Also, as an aside from today's mojo, I would like to take them time to wish a "Happy Birthday" to Jose Canseco, Lindsey Lohan, Richard Petty, Michelle Branch and... that's all I can think of.


Anonymous Empyreal said...

Green Monster Mint is splendiferous. I just finished off my second carton today.

You can't mention baseball and ice cream without recognizing Baskin & Robbins' Baseball Nut flavor. Vanilla with a raspberry (for crappy umps like Chris Guccione) swirl and cashews.

7:01 PM, July 03, 2005  

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