Sunday, July 17, 2005

**MOJO** - Dinosaur Day 1

Today we turn to the "terrible lizards" of the ancient world for our daily mojo. Beware, dinosaurs once again roam the earth, and they want only one thing: Sox victories.

Our first dinosaur is none other than the terrible king of lizards, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

T-Rex means one thing to most people: Power. Crushing blows, terrific bite strength, sharp claws, the T-rex is clearly a beast to be feared. And while a nice power display with some fireworks shooting off the bats off the offense is certainly a nice way to win, T-rex brings so much more to the table fundamentally.

While clearly of imposing size, the T-rex does have one... inadequate feature: his arms. T-rexes would grow to about 20 feet tall and 40 feet long, however his arms were a mere 3 feet each, making it difficult for him to cover the gigantic strike zone his bulk would surely generate. However, given this small (but swift) arm structure, his ability to position his body to cover the plate, and his gigantic length which allow him to take the trip from the batter box to first base in only a few strides gives T-rex an ability that most would not consider: he is an excellent bunter. While his weak arm may make him a liability in the field, his stretch is considerably longer than most players, making him an ideal first baseman. Power, speed and adequate defense.... forget Kevin Millar, lets sign a T-rex to be our first baseman. Of course, Olderdude can still come in at the 7th for defensive purposes.

If you would like to participate in today's mojo form home, stomp around your house all day pretending you are a T-rex, much like that adorable 6 year old Calvin.


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