Friday, July 15, 2005

**MOJO** - Colors Day 1

For the new mojo, we turn to the spectrum of color. And the first color is a pretty easy one to guess.

Red. There are plenty of ways the color Red affects the Sox. There are the obvious ones:

However, mojo is also a subtle thing. So here are some of the more abstract ways Red can help the red sox get a victory tonight.

The bullpen has been struggling (again), so a little help putting out those fires with men on base I think is in order.

Redheads. I wanted to post an image of the redheaded ball girl the Sox employ, but apparently even the internet has limits. But with redheads normally associated with Ireland, the Sox could use a little "Luck of the Irish". Speaking of which...

Red balloons are a staple of any balanced breakfast. Well, a breakfast that has been balanced by magic, anyway.

How about a little spice to perk up the offense. These little bad boys should do just the trick to get the offense in gear. And given not only the Red Sox blue collar reputation, but also our choice of starting pitcher for the day, I think a little red meat mojo is in order as well:

Help with today's mojo by getting your own 72 ounce steak in only 72 hours here. Make sure to wear red, have a meal with red meat and a side of red potatoes, wash that down with a Killian's Irish Red, or maybe a Strawberry or Raspberry margarita. Making sure you "read" this was a pretty good start.


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