Wednesday, June 29, 2005

**MOJO** - Secondary Simpsons Characters Day 1

Be impressed: The entirety of this post (from drafting to final editing) has been made without the benifit of a mouse. Stupid batteries...


With a win needed to salvage the series and get the team back on track, it’s time to utilize some mojo drawn from one of the most popular TV show in the history of television. A show where one of its greatest strengths is its enormous cast of beloved characters, we draw not on the primary characters who are the mainstays of every episode, but the secondary ones who fill out the story and often provide the most memorable moments.

It’s Secondary Simpson Character mojo time. We ask a lot of our stars, and more often than not they deliver, but this is directed at the guys who make the Red Sox a team. Your Mirabellis and your Youkilises and your Older Dudes and your Paytons and even your Vazquezez. It’s time for everyone to step up and get the team back on track.

Today’s mojo is brought to you by the little boy who likes to eat paste and pick his nose: Ralph Wiggum.

The Sox get swept at home? That’s unpossible! We all now the happiest day of Millar’s life was the day the doctor told him he didn’t have worms anymore, but lets make today pretty good too. There’s a little leprechaun in your ear today, and he’s telling you to beat the Indians.

Don’t listen when he tells you to burn things though…


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