Monday, June 27, 2005

**MOJO** - Come-uppance Day 8

Margaret White: Red. I might have known it would be red.

The tall lanky kid said he wanted to play baseball and they laughed at him. He told them his name, and they laughed and called him "Brandon". When he tried to tag out base runners they would slap the ball out of his glove and laugh at him. "Sorry Brandon, that's just how I run."

They pretended they liked him and talked him into how cool it would be if he wore cornrows in his hair. Then they laughed some more.

And now, someone is tired of being laughed at...

Feel bad for the Cleveland Indians today, for they will be suffering the wrath of Bronson Arroyo's once dormant psychic abilities, and Kevin Millwood has no hope of protecting them. On second thought, don't feel too sorry for them. For after all, it's comeuppance mojo, and they are only getting what they deserve.

If you would like to participate from home with today's mojo, try operating your remote control or computer keyboard using only your mind. Failing that, torment someone until they go on a crazy rampage. Preferably someone that isn't me.


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