Saturday, June 25, 2005

**MOJO** - Come-uppance Day 6

Wicked Witch of the West: Who ever thought a little girl like you could destroy my beautiful wickedness?

After a whole week of beloved movies from my childhood, I thought I’d mix it up a little and pander to the older crows with a beloved movie from GoNM’s childhood (ed. note: inside joke). She’s big, evil, green and she loves harassing those guilty of such meaningless transgressions as trespassing or killing her sister. She’s everything Wally isn’t… except green… and has a name that starts with “W”… and I’ll bet that fur has an aversion to water… whatever, I give up…

So classic comeuppance mojo arrives as we hope to reduce Vicente Padilla to a quivering mass of liquid. Red Sox fans would love nothing more than to see Padilla be reduced to tears, and watch him openly weep as he heads back to the bullpen. The witch may say “What a world”, but to the Phils it will be “What a (RS)Nation”. Besides, I’ll bet Dorothy was a Sox fan:

Boston Red“Slippers”? Close enough.

If you would like to participate from home in tonight’s mojo, keep a cup of water handy to toss on all those who dare block your view of the game. Or at least murder a close family member of theirs, preferably by crushing. Additionally, feel free to refer to Buck and McCarver as “flying monkeys” for the duration of the Fox Broadcast.


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