Sunday, June 19, 2005

**MOJO** - Come-uppance Day 1

Since the long tracks of time which may elapse between new content being posted on this site is a source of great shame for me, I've decided to do something about it. My one admitted regular reader suggested I transpose my Boston Red Sox mojo posts from to here for your viewing pleasure, and since I consider this a blog for the people (well... person, at least) that's exactly what I will do. To help separate them from run of the mill posts, they'll have the "**MOJO**" tag you see in the title.

A note on how this mojo works. In order to help bring some good luck to the Boston Red Sox, we find spirited things to inspire the team to victory, even if it is in a very oblique way. Every game has a sponsor (much like Sesame Street is brought to you by a letter and a number every day) which fits in the current theme. Theme's last for every day they bring home a win. The first game for a theme which results in a loss, that theme is retired and replaced for the next game. With Wham mojo bringing in a record 5 game winning streak before falling on Sunday, it's time for the first game of the new mojo: come-uppance mojo. Without further ado, the first in hopefully several come-uppance posts:

It has been over 80 games since the Boston Red Sox were last shut out at Fenway. It is rare that they play the lowly nerd to the bullyish aggressor of an opponent's pitching staff. However, when it happens, there is a cosmic fate which applies to all bullies: the inevitability of come-uppance. For the start of the new Sox win streak under Come-Uppance Mojo, we present the patron saint of bullies everywhere: Biff Tannen.
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Never before has a bully managed to harass nerdlingers not only across distances, but across TIME ITSELF! Biff Tannen is the Alpha Bully all bullies wish they could be. However, even though he is lewd, crude and dumber than a bag of hammers, not even he is immune to the powerful force of Come-Uppance.
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Lets Go Sox, make the Pirates pitchers taste the bitter taste of come-uppance. I'll bet it tastes a lot like manure.


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