Tuesday, June 28, 2005

**MOJO** - Birthdays Day 1

For those who don't remember, here's how the mojo rules work, as it's been a week since we last went over them (thank you Sox). Mojo lasts for as long as the Sox keep winning. Every game gets its own subject that fits with the current theme. Themes last until the Sox lose. They lost yesterday, so out with comeuppance and in with:

Birthday Mojo!

All of the following people are celebrating birthdays today. So naturally, they deserve some sweet presents.

John Cusack (39): Cusack deserves a little something, not for his many chick flicks which make the ladies so fond of him, but for the underrated comedies that really stand out. I'm talking Gross Point Blank here, people. The movie is great.... OK fine, do it for the chick flicks.

Tek and Johnny D, this one's up to you two. You seem to be the resident heartthrobs on the team, pick him out something nice. A few RBIs go good with just about anything, and I hear Mr. Cusack really enjoys great defense, see what you can do.

John Elway (45): From one number 7 to another, the guy deserves a little something for his birthday. I'm looking at you, Mr. Nixon. Maybe you can help the ball find the seats today with your bat instead of your glove. (I tease because I love ya, Trot).

Pat Morita (72): Wade, this one falls onto you. Nothing makes Mr. Miyag-- I mean, Mr. Morita prouder than a solid performance under pressure. Learn from the great sensai and pitch a gem to halt the losing streak at one. And if you want to hold that leg kick up for a moment in the crane position before a pitch or two, just so he knows you are thinking of him, I'm sure he would appreciate it.

Mel Brooks (79): The man gave you Spaceballs, Young Frankenstein AND Blazing Saddles. The least you can do, Big Papi, is when you come out for your first AB, look into the nearest camera and say "excuse me while I whip this out", then pull out an extra wristband. Besides, when the ladies are done gasping in terror of coming face to face with "Big Papi", you can be ready with your "waiting for Wide-Screen Wednesday" punch line. Make Mel proud. Or at least make Dan Roche proud.

Henry VIII (514): What do you get for the King who has everything... and has been dead for over 400 years? Well, clearly you get him a Sox win and some distance added between Boston and the loser of the BAL-NYY game.

Also guys, don't forget about the Royal Rooters "TallSoxFan1974" (31), "Harry" (58), and perhaps the new member with my favorite name: "Baseball" (17). Find something nice for them, I'm sure they are not picky. We'll say.. 10 runs? Each? Too much? OK, how about just more runs than the other guys.


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