Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Excitement He Wrote!

My post schedule is pretty irregular. If you have paid even the scantest amount of attention to this site, you'll have picked up on this pretty quickly. Sometimes, I'll throw out several articles a week, then suddenly the well will dry. That's the advantage of having exactly zero credibility, you also have zero responsibility. Sure, the returns are low, but so is the overhead. So to my 3.5 readers, I'm sorry I'm not entertaining you more often.

Part of the reason for this is that I am finding additional creative outlets now. I'll occasionally pop up in other folks comments sections when something there intrigues me. The most glaring case of this was a recent entry from Empyreal's site. She has "former Red Sox utility IF/ emergency RP Dave McCarty" contribute every Friday in an article I find myself regularly looking forward to. In one particular article discussing human perception and the art of object flight tracking, she made the mistake of mentioning me, and what happened was an incredibly geeky dialogue between me and an imaginary construct representing a hyper-intellectual Red Sox player. With somewhat predictable results. I've mentioned Empy's site before, and I think I like it because it shows me what my writing might possibly be like if I was smarter, wittier, could refrain from using curse words, and could actually update at a semi-reasonable rate. That may sound like flattery, but none of those things are particularly difficult to attain.

I've also begun writing unsolicited mini articles for a Red Sox Message Board on the finer points of mojo. Basically, it means I am trying to explain why ALF will lead the team to victory on a given day (he didn't). But coming up with a new theme for each win streak and a new mojo for every single game is proving to be a fun challenge, even after only a few weeks. Not to mention making it last for the next 4 months. Tune in for the ongoing experience of Wham! mojo, going for it's fourth straight victory on Wednesday.

I'm looking into other creative outlets as well, such as satisfying the amateur film itch I've been having lately. It's been 6 months since I finished work on my last movie, and the itch to play with Adobe Premiere is happening again. The last one was pretty well recieved, but when you make a movie about "the following people totally rule", chances are those people will like it. It figures that film making would be a hobby I'd take an interest in, as if that won't be a labor intensive pursuit. Well, this guy apparantly has a movie idea, and he is interested in me writing/editing for it, so we'll see if it goes anywhere. I told him I would be happy to as long as he doesn't mind having someone "dangerously underqualified" doing the work.

Until next time. Of course, next time could be tomorrow. Or it could be August. Until then, I don't know, play Bejewled or something.



Anonymous Empyreal said...

Finally! Cap'n Brock is 102 in dog years since your last post.

I have been loving the mojo pieces. You should post them simultaneously here and on, Jose Melendez style. (The man, the myth, the legend.) I think you both are much funnier than I am... er, try to be.

Speaking of addicting games, I am a frequenter of orisinal. A bit cutesy, but still imbued with a design sense that transcends its kawaii underpinnings.

11:00 PM, June 16, 2005  
Blogger NU50 said...

I like orisinal, but with it's simple fluid design, I find myself playing on auto pilot if I play it for too long. Some games I play better on auto-pilot (minesweeper comes to mind) but these are not one of them. Bejeweled is a good time waster, but I prefer word puzzles like Bookworm and Text Twist.

As for duplicating my Mojo posts here, I might have to. These updates have to come from somewhere, and frankly I am far to unreliable when it comes to blog posting. I've had this thing for 2 years and I don't think I've cracked 50 articles yet.

I will say though, this whole "getting comments" thing is pretty exciting.

12:37 AM, June 17, 2005  

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