Saturday, April 16, 2005

pirate no more

My head was lush with teeming growth. I'm sure there were entire colonies of microscopic beard gnomes who lived in a wonderfully rich civilization. Judging by how long my beard had been around, they should be just hitting the Renaissance this week. Well, tragedy struck in the form of a razor. My Mark Bellhorn with a Johnny Damon flair has been reduced to a mere cleaner version of Kevin Millar, minus the frosted tips of course. I'm a big fan of Millar and all, but the guy can be a little... fruity.

It was either clean up, or get some classic Arroyo cornrows, because I am incapable of getting my hair cut in a fashion outside of the active 25-man Red Sox roster. It is a neat feeling getting my hair trimmed and losing the beard, kind of like having my head take off its winter coat. It's also different relearning what my face looks like in the mirror, as about 75 % more of it is now visible.

Just a glimpse into the exciting whirlwind that is my life.



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