Friday, October 31, 2003


Its Halloween, so here are some last minute costume-ideas for all you procrastinators:

· Snuffleupagus
· Be Idaho’s US Senator, and have a couple of friends be Secret Service agents. Only talk about Idaho.
· Sailor on shore leave. Not complete without prosthetic oral herpes.
· “The Noid” from Domino’s Pizza ads. Enjoy screaming “Avoid the Noid”. Chances are, people will.
· A recently passed on celebrity, there are many to choose from: Johnny Cash, Katherine Hepburn, Waylon Jennings, Charles Bronson, Hawk from Legion of Doom….. you get the idea
· Lincoln Hawk, Sylvester Stallone’s character from “Over the Top”. Enjoy “flipping the switch” to feel more like a truck.
· The one-armed drummer from Def Leopard. Refuse to talk about only having one arm.
· You and a friend can go as “the Coreys (Haim and Feldman)”. Enjoy deciding between teen heartthrob Coreys and young adult drug addicted Coreys.
· Right Said Fred of “I’m Too Sexy” fame.
· “Drunk Girl” of SNL Weekend Update fame.
· Land shark.
· The most obscure Star Wars character you can muster. Be insulted when people don’t recognize you.
· Uncle Pennybags from the Monopoly games. Refer to everyone else as “pure Baltic Avenue” for an insult.
· A useless superhero, like “Awkward Silence Man”, “Cliché Boy”, “Superfluous Third Nipple Girl”, and “Aquaman”. Get several friends to join you and become the “League of Ineptitude”, or “Mediocrity Force”
· If all else fails, “Gay Hitler” is always funny. Always.

Hope this helped.

--Hawaii out