Saturday, July 05, 2003

pants are for the unexciting

Holy crap it is hot in my apartment. Hot enough that I've established a new floating holiday. It started by me sweltering in my old brick building of an apartment, and then declaring it was "Pantsless O’clock" this afternoon. Apparently, "o'clock" is a time period which lasts all day. So the new floating holiday is "Pantsless [insert period of time]", and can be celebrated at anytime. You'll know it is Pantsless Day, for example, when I remove my pants and yell at you all day to do the same. The great thing about this holiday: none of this "once a year" crap. It can happen every day for a week if I so decide. Which I just might. Just remember, the best way to bond with friends is without pants, so free yourself from those cloth barriers of oppression and live life how God intended: with no pants.

-Pantsless 5-0 out


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