Thursday, July 03, 2003

more like world's biggest idiot

The Globe ran a story on the sale of the "World's Largest French Fry". Not really believing it, I had to look it up for myself. Let me see if I am understanding this: some yokel in Wisconsin finds what in his estimation is a really big french fry. He puts said French Fry on e-bay. Two hundred dollars later, some other idiot from Wisconsin owns it. Does this make anyone else feel like they should jump off of a bridge because there is no hope for humanity? Who has two hundred dollars that is that disposable? According to the bid history, there were a total of 10 bids over 100 dollars for that little piece of potato. $100.00!!! I'm gonna have to deep fry a whole, uncut potato, that'll teach that fucker.

You want to know who this is the worst for? The poor guy who runs the restaurant this french fry came from. Sure all this publicity is bound to be good for business, and whatever puts people in the seats can't be all bad, can it? But now everyone is ordering fries expecting some crime against nature that will get them $200 on e-bay. Those are some expectations I wouldn't want to be trying to meet everyday.

--Hawaii out


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