Tuesday, July 01, 2003

hulk smash

This whole movie merchandising thing is getting out of hand. Do you see these new foam "Hulk Hands" you can buy. They make smashing noises when you hit things with them. Sometimes even, Hulk will start yelling "Hulk Smash". In fact, he has multiple catch phrases, like "Hulk go see new Hulk movie."; "Hulk buy merchandise."; "Hulk go see new Hulk movie again."; and "Matrix sucks." Not only that, but each glove has a little warning on them: "Do not strike any person, animal, or object." What in the hell are you supposed to do with them?? Type with them? (with gloves): [it5 iws v ery nhartd to user tyhese globvers while typing, i dfont know how Strong Bad does kit.] Man, why did I ever get these stupid gloves.

--Hawaii out


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